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Ministries & Missions

If you wish to learn more about our ministries and missions, or if you would like to join one or more, please contact our church office at or 978-632-4272. All are welcome!


On the first Sunday of each month, we prepare and share the Lord's Supper at the end of worship. All those professing Jesus as Lord, or seeking to draw closer to God are invited to partake. We partake of two ordinances as examples of following Jesus' commands.



Fulfilling our historical roots, we practice baptism by immersion (adults and youth). Baptism is an outward sign of the inward change that has come through the action of the Holy Spirit. Baptism is a personal choice and the primary method of joining this congregation. Membership classes are held as needed.

Worship & Music

Using a traditional worship style, we blend a variety of voices as we worship God and give thanks for many blessings. Primary to our worship is music as celebration, prayer as communication, and word as teaching.

Christian Education

Adults have an opportunity for weekly study of the Bible and other texts. School-age children are invited to join our Sunday School, which offers a broadly based exposure to scripture, music, missions, and art.


"Mission" is a wide-ranging concept. It implies all the varied work we undertake as individuals, churches, and organizations in applying our faith and in sharing the Gospel message with others. Beyond contributing to such denominational mission efforts as the Love Gift, One Great Hour of Sharing, World Mission Offering, and Retired Ministers & Missionaries Offering, we also support international missions such as Operation Chrismas Child and Heifer International. Likewise, we actively support many mission needs closer to home: Gardner Emergency Housing Mission (G.E.H.M.); Gardner Community Action Committee (C.A.C.); Habitat for Humanity; House of Peace & Education; and more.

Free Community Meal

Once a month – on the first Thursday at 12:00 p.m. – we offer free community meals to bring folks together and to help reduce hunger in the city. Good food and fellowship.

Women's Federation

The energetic and gracious women of the church coordinate and hold a number of church and community events throughout the year to provide aid to church mission efforts and operational expenses. Such events include community suppers in January, March, and October; food and rummage sales in the spring and fall; and a church fair in November.

Interfaith Activities

Through ecumenical relations with other churches in the City of Gardner, we seek to address the needs of the wider community. We participate in interfaith worship services as well, and we provide a pastoral presence at Heywood Hospital.

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